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Virtual Serial Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver8

Hosting Virtual COM Ports

Virtual Serial Port Driver is a serial port control by Eltima Software. The software provides emulation of virtual serial ports and pairs the available serial ports through a virtual null-modem cable. Two applications paired with this software are enabled to exchange data. Every data on each ports appears for convenient viewing in computer’s device manager, at the same time the COM ports emulating their intended settings and running processes. Users are able to create virtual ports without worrying about shortage of serial ports and physical hardware crowding. The software’s next advantage is its capability to be integrated with technologies like ActiveX, DDL and Core level utility. 

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  • by Lindsey Parrish

    It's a really good app! I haven't got a physical serial port on a laptop, so I find out helpful that via this soft, I can emulate a null modem connection.

  • by Anonymous

    helpful for work with virtual COM ports!. we started to use it for daily work with serial ports in our office.

  • by Anonymous

    Optional Software to Connect virtual COM port. Among similiar software, VSPD is really good. It offers a lot of features.